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Warkey Dota
Warkey is a Dota Tool that useful for someone that doesn't have Razer Mouse that has hotkey at the mouse. This tool can be very useful for some items that need fast speed to be clicked such as dagger, dagon, BKB, or anything else. This too can run on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and XP without any trouble. Let's see what the features of this tool.

Warkey Dota Tool Features :
1. Supports Warcraft 1.24b patch.
2. Active/Disable Enemy/Ally HP bars.
3. Macro Hotkeys.
4. Quick Messages
5. Disable Left [Win] Key.
6. Very simple and nice interface.
7. Set Inventory Keys to, ALT+[1][2][3][4][5].
8. Makes mouse cursor stay in window while playing in Window Mode.

This tool will not effect your chat system when you turned on this tool.
Warkey Dota Download
Warkey Download Links :
Warkey.zip (mirror 1)
Warkey.zip (mirror 2)
This tool was uploaded by dota-utilities.com


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